Local SEO for Consultants

Local SEO for Consultants

Local Search Engine Optimization Company – Local SEO for Consultants
Local SEO for Consultants is an industry dear to our own hearts. As fellow consultants, we understand the necessity to having your customers find you when they are searching for your services on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other major search engines. Local SEO for consultants is an extremely important online marketing strategy to deploy because its a great way to find new business, new customers and/or new clients. If you are an hr consultant, tax consultant, business consultant, legal consultant, marketing consultant, online consultant, IT consultant or any other type of business consultant, local SEO for consultants by Blitz Local SEO is a service you should really consider.

Hopefully by now you already have a website that is generating traffic and new business for you. If you have a site and it’s actually acting more like an online brochure and you are struggling at generating traffic or you’re getting some traffic but it’s not nearly enough, then local SEO for consultants is the solution for you. We have helped several consultants just like you in getting on the first page of Google for hundreds and in some cases, thousands of keywords and key phrases target towards their geographical locations that they service. If you are a consultant that is capable of traveling across town, acrosss states and even globally across countries, we are able to help you find clients in all parts of the world with our Blitz GeoSearch SEO Nationwide XL package and our Blitz GeoSearch Nationwide 2XL package. The XL package will give you 1500 totally optimized pages added to your website and indexed by Google and other major search engines. While the 2XL will get you 3000. That’s right, THREE THOUSAND additional pages added to your website for Google to index. Imagine how much more consulting business you can get when you have thousands of pages on the first page of Google from your local SEO for consultants campaign.